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For those in the moving and storage business, calculating the proper rates so you can give your clients the best quote possible has been a time consuming effort. With so much competition and the need to ensure that you can provide a quote that provides you with a decent profit, yet offers a fair price to a potential customer, the room for error is minimal at best.
Fortunately, there is a new, simple system that can allow you to close moving deals more quickly while providing your clients with plenty of valuable information which in turn will save you money as well. RD Moving & Storage System is simply the best on the market today.

What is RD Moving & Storage System?

This is simple, straightforward Online System that your clients can use to calculate the proper information in real time. It is a step by step process where your clients can add in all of their moving or storage needs. When the process is completed, you can offer an accurate estimate based on your own prices to the client so they will quickly have the quote.
If they accept the quote, you can then proceed to fill out the additional information needed for contact, confirmation and payment as well. This is an all-in-one system that will provide for you the ability to do all the proper information gathering and calculations so that you can offers potential customers the information they need to use your services.

How it Works

The RD Moving & Storage system is a simple, drag-and-drop method where you select and pull down the items that they want moved or stored into a singular bin. There, you can add the number of items selected such as four chairs or two sofas for example and have the price automatically added as well. A status bar indicates the current progress that has been made. 

From there, you can go forward or backward if an item needs to be added, deleted or changed. From that point, you can provide the estimated price of the services you are offering. Once accepted, you can proceed in the process by adding the contact information and then confirm the order. Once confirmed, you can then make payment arrangements.

For Online Demo - Click Here

Why RD Moving & Storage System Works for You?

There are a number of advantages to this system starting with the easy to use system. You can see how simple it is with the online demo on the site. However, there are even more advantages as well.

  • Easy to use Drag & Drop system
  • A status bar indicates the current progress that has been made
  • 3-5 steps; the admin can add or remove 2 steps (payment step and questions step)
  • Unlimited Categories & Products
  • Collect User Information Accurately
  • List of US Cities, States and Zip Codes included
  • Supports All Languages (LTR only)
  • Set Up the Pricing Method: Either by Item or Pricelist 
  • Create Pricelist for Storage System
  • Online payment VIA PayPal
  • Records Manager
  • Easy to use email messages with tags
  • Document All Entries and Results
  • Questions system that will allow you to add questions and prices per each answer. (For example: you can ask your client if he want to have insurance? if he will answer yes, the system will add X amount to the total price)
  • Easy to use move size & move type setup
  • Well Documented

In addition, the system itself will help you ask the proper questions and get the right prices for each answer that is given. For example, if your client wants insurance the system will add in and calculate the price automatically. Plus, you can even use PayPal to process the payment which provides the customer with more choices.

With the RD Moving & Storage Quoting System, you can add more accuracy to your quoting system and even save time and money as well. Don’t wait. Order today and see just how this remarkable system can improve the efficiency of your business.

It is time to move forward,

Try our online demo site today and if you have any kind of question, do not hesitate and contact us.


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