Responsive Website Building Pro

Responsive Website Building Pro
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Responsive website is a new concept in the area of developing and designing website that is rapidly becoming a requirement in this fast-paced ever-changing world.

With various smart phone, tablet pc, notebook and desktop computer display sizes, it is essential that you simply use strategy and a site development plan that highlights one design that can accommodate to each of these display sizes, for interface and a better user experience.

Web-Site-Building---webdesignWhat is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web page creation using flexible layouts, pictures and style sheets so the viewer of the site can see a right layout of a site without having to "pinch" their fingers in and outside. Using the y and x coordinates on mathematical percent for pictures instead of the conventional fixed width parameters and a grid of a page, programmers and designers can create a fluid layout that can accommodate to a wide variety of displays.

Responsive Web Design & Website Development

Companies and businesses now have to build responsive websites that will allow their users to find what they are looking for faster and easier.
With the growing of the smartphones uses and with the ongoing decline of desktop computers uses, it is essential that you simply create a web site that will be user friendly and easy to use and read. Failure to do so could result in lousy customer experiences on various pages in your site.

Responsive Web Design Helps save Time

Customers today can value a site that uses the responsive method.

With over half of the U.S. population possessing a smart phones, it's now time for businesses and firms to contemplate how their sites are seen on cellular devices and whether or not it's time to rework their web site development strategy and add in responsive web design.

Next time you are seeing your company web site on smart phone or tablet, ask yourself if it may be time to redesign your web site.

Responsive Website Main Features:

  • Web design according to client requests (*Max 3 Design Revisions)
  • Unlimited menus, categories & pages.
  • Responsive design – design that fits to any screen size.
  • Back-End Platform (CMS) – Will allow you to update your site content.
  • Contact us form(s)
  • Social links (we are not creating the social account(s) – we are just adding the links)
  • Special widget to your facebook page.
  • FREE online chat.
  • Link to Skype chat.
  • 1-3 professional Royalty images for FREE
  • Image Rotator - Slideshow
  • Videos page (if needed)
  • Search Capability - On site Search engine
  • Include built-in SEO ready component
  • Site Map
  • Embed You Tube Videos
  • Dynamic Menu Control
  • FREE 12 months Hosting
  • FREE .com Domain


Websites Building Terms
Payment Terms 50% in advance, 30% after showing first sketch, 20% after we upload the site under your domain name.
Sketches If after Rock Design provide the client 3 sketches and the client still did not liked the design & structure of the site, any additional sketch or design may cost $100.00
Turnaround time Up to 30 days from first payment.
First Month FREE support & changes to the site.
Second Month FREE support (by emails or phone).
Third+ Month We will charge you by hour (Usually it's 75 USD per 1 hour or part of it) / based on a quotation.

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