Google Pigeon Update

Worried About Pigeon?

Pigeon has rocked the local SEO world. How should we respond to Google's new local search algorithm update?

If you’ve missed the news somehow, or were lucky enough to be spared from its effects, Google rolled out a new update to the local algorithm on July 24th.

Google didn’t release many details about the update — just that it was supposed to tie in to the more traditional organic search ranking signals. They claimed it would provide more relevant and accurate results, and that the update applied to both web search and map search.

For many verticals, the rankings went completely haywire. The Local SEO experts dropped everything and started to study the new results, but no one could make any sense of the changes. Rankings and even page layouts were changing daily with no apparent rhyme or reason. Even a few weeks later, the SERPs are still in major flux; clearly, Google is still futzing around with the algorithm.

What Did You Do After Pigeon Hit?

The phone calls started to roll in, both from our clients and from businesses that had seen me speak or read one of my blog posts.

Everyone wanted to know what to do next — how to fight back against Pigeon and get back their rankings. They were ready to drop everything and pivot to attack Pigeon, and they were calling all the experts to build a plan of attack.

The problem is — no one really knows what the next step is yet. We’re all studying the SERPs, but they’re fluctuating so wildly that no one can really figure out what’s going on. A SERP might have a map pack one day and nothing but standard organic results the next. A location might rank #1 one day and be gone the next.

What We Know So Far

More than anything, we know that we don’t know much… But here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what we’ve all figured out so far:

So What Do You Do? You Keep On Truckin’

Yes, Pigeon drastically changed (and is still changing) SERPs for many verticals. Supposedly, the update is more in line with traditional organic ranking signals – but since the order of organic results doesn’t match the order in the map pack, we know there’s more to it.

Instead of flying off the handle and changing everything you’re doing, you should just keep on using the tactics you should have been employing all along. Here’s what we’re telling all of our clients that call in about Pigeon:

These are the core principles of Local SEO — and while the weight of some factors within the local search algorithm might have changed, the ideas are still the same.

Yes, there are some wacky outliers with local rankings that make zero sense. Yes, the map pack has disappeared from several SERPs. Regardless of the changes, you should still be concentrating on creating the best user experience possible.

The Answers Are Coming…

All of the experts are studying Pigeon daily. Eventually, the algorithm will level out, and we’ll get a handle on exactly what has changed. If you’re still working the core principles, you’ll have a solid foundation already built, and you’ll just have to make a few tweaks to change your mix for Pigeon.

If you were hit hard, it’s going to be a stressful wait — but there’s not much else to do. Keep an eye on Search Engine Land and other Local SEO blogs, and as soon as someone gets the algo figured out, the news will spread. Until then, just keep on truckin’.

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