Responsive Web Design

In our fast-paced world where mobile is becoming the new standard, there's never been a greater need to deliver a convenient user experience on the internet. What you need is a website that works equally well on every device. What you need is responsive web design.

One of the hottest trends of 2014 for the web, responsive design streamlines the development process for both desktop and mobile website design, ensuring consistent content across all device sizes. In essence, you build a website once and it works seamlessly on any screen. It takes care of any extra effort and money you would've spent on separate mobile web design.

Just take a look at the statistics:

  • 36% of all websites are responsive
  • 46% of mobile users report having difficulty interacting with a web page
  • 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.
  • 62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales

The benefit is clear-get responsive, get the right response. Need more evidence?

Top Five Reasons to Use Responsive Website Design

If you're embarking on a new website design, redesigning an existing site or considering a mobile strategy, there's no reason not to take advantage of responsive web design. Here's why:

  1. Google recommends web responsive design.
    In 2012, Google recommended the use of responsive website design and currently considers it a best practice for smartphone-optimized websites. Why? On the web, responsive design maintains a single URL for your desktop and mobile content, which is much easier for users to interact with, share and link to. Plus, it helps Google discover your content more efficiently because it doesn't have to crawl a page to retrieve and index all the site content.

  2. It's cost-effective.
    Without responsive design, it's typical that a web design company will build multiple versions of a website for each individual device. Responsive web design offers the benefit of requiring only one website. That means there will only be one version of the code and one content management system to update the content. The result? Your site is saving you time and money.

  3. You'll experience a lower bounce rate.
    An unresponsive website can lead to a high bounce rate-the amount of visitors that leave your site after visiting one page. Researchers found that a staggering 28 percent of all internet users used their mobile phones to access the internet in 2013, so that means your mobile strategy has to be spot on. Responsive design is proven to cut down on bounce rates because the CSS values keep changing with different devices.

  4. You'll stay ahead of the competition.
    Statistics shows only 3 percent of websites are currently optimized to take full advantage responsive website design. That means your business has a huge opportunity to gain a significant edge over the competition by hiring a professional web design company and jumping on this new trend. And with a lower maintenance requirement, your responsive website will allow you to focus on your business.

  5. You'll have a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).
    All of these benefits have a common thread-they each yield maximum ROI. If your website is not responsive, there's a good chance your business will suffer as you won't be able to compete with rival websites that are. To grow your business, you have to reach more people than your competition. You have to have a solid mobile strategy. A responsive design will make sure you have a larger audience increasing your chances of conversion.

Given the rising use of tablets and smartphones-and the fact that users seem to prefer accessing the internet on the go-2014 is poised to be the year that responsive website design takes off. You no longer need multiple websites to achieve maximum visibility.


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Local SEO: It's all about Google places

For those of us in business that focus more on the local aspect of their demographic, search engine optimization doesn't seem so important. But unfortunately that way of thinking is incorrect. Even though word of mouth advertising still is a key element in local small business, it is certainly not the only way, especially if you have the much needed web presence of any successful business today.

Local SEO

Local SEO tactics and strategies focus primarily on promoting local business, usually within a target area or region based on zip code, city names, or even counties. They also tend to lean towards more specific products and services popular in the area they reside, like a local plumber or handyman. This particular kind of search engine optimization is very important to these kinds of businesses and for the customers that prefer a local friendly face, it's a way to get your virtual foot in the door.

So how do you go about getting optimized in your local area or region? Well for starters you can make sure that your business is registered with Google places. With that you can go even further by taking the time to properly select your industry products during that registration, providing a link to your website, customer testimonials, and more importantly, writing your company description in a manner that exemplifies what you do and meets the keyword targeting you need to get better ranking. By doing this you automatically show up in Google maps searches and Google places searches. The key is to show up first. That's where your SEO experts come into play.

Keyword Selection and Density

Keyword selection and density is primary in designing your content around your SEO strategy. With so many words and phrases to choose from, it's hard to decide what will work best. Mostly it needs to focus on your market. What are you selling, who are you selling to, and where are you selling? These and many variations will help you get better placement and in turn, more foot traffic and business. Once the decision on all of these elements has been made, it is then time to incorporate it into your website.

Website Design

How do you get you site designed around this particular SEO strategy? Well it's all in content placement and site registration. How your site appears on Google's bot listing affects where you stand in ranking. If you sell pool fixtures and you only listed under tuber hosing, then you won't show up when people are trying to fix that pain in the butt pool sucker thing. Also, your site content plays a huge part in where you rank. Its validity and relevance to your industry, products, and/or services plays a huge part in how you appear.

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Marketing Websites

There are many web marketing companies out there. The online marketing cost of search engine optimization (SEO) varies based on your objectives and the fees your online marketing firm charges to optimize your site. Marketing products and services using the Internet can be an effective promotion strategy provided one is aware of the misconceptions associated with online marketing. Achieving the aims set out in your web marketing strategy means taking action and implementing various marketing tactics. Website Marketing equips business owners and property managers for success with unparalleled Internet marketing expertise, innovative internet marketing, and award winning website design. The key to marketing your online business is to apply twenty-first century technology to traditional marketing methods.

Your Website's Search Engine Results

Delivering the message of your company through search engine marketing and social media marketing is just as important as reaching the top ten spot in search engine rankings. From branding and design to search engine optimization and social media marketing, find out which strategy is ideal for your business. The right structure of your website is extremely important in having search engines being able to reach your pages and glean the essential pages of your site. The GOAL being, to get your website on the front page of search engines. In a study, 36% of search engine users felt that companies occupying the first listing on the search engine results pages were the leaders in their respective fields. Google Ad Words is a service by Google that enables you to design and run advertisements on the Google search engine and on the Google Display Network.

Your Traffic and Website Leads Climb

Online Marketing is not about just driving traffic to your website but communicating with potential customers effectively. On top of the results and traffic that will be driven to your website, the ability to easily track your investment has virtually no limit. Breadcrumb navigation is a secondary navigation on your website that is intended to help make a site more user-friendly. Developing a multilingual website is the best way to reach foreign markets and increase your international sales. The visitor experience means giving your website visitors exactly what they are looking for in a clean, concise and organized layout and design.

The People Searching For Your Product / Service

Search is the most affordable and effective way to get your local business in front of people in your service area, just as they are ready to make a purchase. The keywords that people are finding you with may not be the people searching for your product or service.There is no question that local consumers are using Google & other major search engines to find local businesses. Local Google Searches is devoted solely to creating an affordable local business visibility on each of your local search engines. Podcasts are also a great way for a company to get the word out. Podcasts are audio recordings which allow companies to share their products and services with prospective and current customers.

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Video Explainer & Commercial Videos

Over the last year, the use of video explainers to promote business has been steadily rising. These days, people are using pens, markers, and drawings to present their ideas, and to connect with people. Video scribing is now the newest technique in organic message delivery.

This method is also known as whiteboard animation. It takes the drawing from its fixed time and place, and enables you to upload, broadcast and share it. Many organizations are now looking for ways they can use business animation videos to their advantage. There are many ways but the most effective are:

Front page

Certainly, a whiteboard animation is an excellent tool for telling your story. You can use this video to tell a nice story about how your products or services fit into the lives of your consumers and enhance their experience. It may include a short explanation of the product or service, company history or the main principle that elevates you from your competition. Keep videos of this nature short, usually not more than 2 minutes.

Diving into specifics

Apart from using these videos to tell your top-level story, they are perfect for explaining in-depth specific processes, products or services. At first, the consumers are not looking for complex explanations. However, the more they click through your videos the more they are interested in your company. You should keep them interested by offering more details of certain services or products they have shown interest. Keep these videos shorten than 5 minutes.

Information graphics

Whiteboard animation videos are excellent for information graphics or simply infographics. These videos display all the information on certain topic while showing side-by-side comparisons of graphs and statistics.
If you want to capture the attention of the viewer, you should use visuals and highly entertaining graphs. A whiteboard animation turns the statistics and facts into motion. This has a profound effect on the viewers since they are able to see these things in a more graphic way.

Advocacy and innovation

You can also use whiteboard animation to share your organization's ideas on education, social environments and motivation. Such videos are powerful for affecting the thoughts of viewers and influencing change.
If you are dealing with issues that are not yet reality, you can use the power of imagination to illustrate to the viewers what is possible. The greatest advantage of whiteboard animations is that they are not limited by photography or video, and can reach deeper imagination with little work.

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